How to get 'Twitter Consumer Key', 'Consumer Secret', 'App Access Token' and 'App Access Token' Secret?

May 5, 2018 FC Admin 0 comments

How to get ‘Twitter Consumer Key’, ‘Consumer Secret’, ‘App Access Token’ and ‘App Access Token’ Secret?

The Twitter API let you allow post on account from your website or web application. To get Twitter Consumer Key and Access Token you need a Twitter App in your Twitter account. If you have not created a Twitter App, create a one from here.

Here in this article we will explain how you can create a Twitter App and get Consumer Key and Access Token.

Create a New Twitter App

  • Go to and login with your Twitter account and click on Create New App as shown below.
  • Enter App display name, description and website details and click on Create button.
  • Your Twitter App is created now and you will be taken to your App Dashboard.
  • Enter all required App details in Settings tab.
  • Click on Permissions tab and grant access to Read and Write both and click on Update button.
  • Now in Keys and Access Tokens tab you will find your Consumer (API) Key, Consumer (API) Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret.