Social Handshake - Demo

Now you can post from your website and that will be posted to your Facebook, Twitter and in your website in one single click. All you need to do is use Social Handshake plug-in and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with it- that’s it!

Social Handshake is a user friendly and easy to use WordPress plugin that let you post your status updates on WordPress custom timeline, Facebook timeline and Twitter at same time. If you are tired of managing your multiple social timelines then this is a solution which will save your lot’s of time.

Guess what!, You can post text with image or video with link attachment. All your visitors can share your post as well as your Facebook page (or profile) and twitter page on their social media. Not only this we have three different variations of timeline design so that you can change it regularly and it will help to keep your visitors engaged in your daily posts.

Social Handshake – Post status updates on WordPress timeline, Facebook and twitter at same time.